Joan Ortiga Balcells

Videogame Programmer


I started playing videogames very early and when I was only 11 years old I wrote my first "Hello World". Since then I have been learning programming and game development. My priority is creating a good working environment, and building bridges and relationships between all the team members and myself. I am very passionate and ambitious, and I would love to work with you!


C# Lua Javascript C++
Playfab & more services
GitHub SourceTree
Unity Defold Unreal Engine
Focused on scalable code & optimization

Soft Skills
· Patient · Team worker
· Critical spirit · Open to learn
· Problem solver

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Socialpoint - FullTime
March 2023 - Current
New games

Indie Dev Day

IndieDevDay powered by Devolver
Organitzation of the event

Evil Zeppelin

Evil Zeppelin - FullTime
October 2021 - March 2022
Live service game (Steam, Web, Mobile)

Kaneda Games

Kaneda Games - Internship
June 2021 - August 2021
Unannounced racing game (PC & Consoles)

Kaneda Games

Xnergic (Tecnocampus) - PartTime/Casual
2020 - February 2022
C# & Unity teacher, Organize events



Lamter Engine

Console engine C++

World Classmate

HackStem21 by Siemens, Microsoft, Lego - Winners 1st Place 🏆

SpawnerTool Editor cover

Tool for Unity. Soon on Asset Store

It has to be you cover

Our most ambitious game

Bonded Cover

BrackeysJam 2021.1

Codebox Cover

Hackstem - Winners 2nd Place 🏆

Caecus Cover

King Not Only Games Jam - Winners 1st Place 🏆

Forgotten Books Cover

GlobalGameJam 2021 Barcelona - Winners 1st Place 🏆

BabyKing Cover

Indie Dev Day - Honourable mention 🏆

Pentagrammed Cover

SD2Jam - Best Musical Game 🏆

Timer Dungeoneer Cover

BrackeysJam 2020.2



I have given different talks in schools about how video games are made and actively talked to children's teachers about how video games can improve the classroom. I think education is important, and I always want to encourage young people to be passionate about video games and their creation.

Also, for a year I did a radio programme about videogames with other colleagues, where I organised a section about the different "screw-ups" that companies did with a humorous tone, I prepared the script and the topics and I also helped the host to manage the programme.



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